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Study Scope’s mission is to empower educators to take charge of their children’s education by facilitating the sharing of curriculum and educational tools. One of the most daunting tasks a parent faces is choosing materials and curriculum for their children.

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Keep track of all the textbook, apps, videos, and resources used in your student's school year. This makes record keeping easy!

Homeschooling is a deeply communal type of schooling. Create a set of curriculum (e.g. books, videos, apps), write about it and share it with your friends. This is a centralized hub where you can see available curriculum, reviews, and recommendations to make the best informed choice of material for your child's education

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Every child is different, so why should all teaching styles be the same? There are many different teaching styles AND learning styles. Whether it's Classical, Charlotte Mason, or Unschooling, find curriculum that fits your teaching style of choice.

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